What are the volunteer requirements?

All Ah We volunteers commit to sharing their professional skills with a Caribbean-based NGO. The project timeline can be as short as one-week or as long as four-weeks depending on the project and its deliverables. Additionally, volunteers can also commit to raising funds using the Ubuntu Giving Fund method.

What are some volunteer project examples? 

All Ah We volunteers can share their skills in Marketing, Law, Program Design, Accounting & Finance, Education, and much more. Some project examples are: 

  • Helping an organization create structured policies (HR, strategic planning) to support with their operational plans

  • Helping an organization create structured financial tracking tools

  • Helping an organization create marketing materials for a program or event

  • Helping an organization conduct research to design a new program or evaluation


What is the application process and timeline?

All Ah We volunteers will receive a response from SGR! staff within 48 hours of completing their application. The application process includes a one-hour interview with SGR! staff and the prospective Caribbean-based NGO.  Once the volunteer and our partner determine the collaboration is a good fit, SGR! provides support in creating the project timeline and designing the Ubuntu Giving Fund campaign. 

The All Ah We volunteer application will close January 15, 2018. 

Are travel volunteer opportunities available?

Travel volunteer opportunities are offered annually. Contact SGR! at info@socagirlsrock.org to learn more about volunteering in the Caribbean.

Volunteers are required to cover their travel, lodging, and food expenses. SGR! will coordinate all volunteer project logistics.